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3dp chip and 3dp net

Postby janube12 » 31 May 2015, 01:22

Hi Everyone! I would like to share this very overwhelming software which can give you the right drivers for your desktop computer, laptop or even on netbook. Yes you heard it right! It's a software for your missing drivers or even on newly reformatted computers.

What I want with this software is you can download it for free! Not Just that you can also directly download it from their site!

3DP Chip - For your Video Driver, Sound Driver, Chipset Driver, Motherboard Driver

3DP Net - For your LAN Driver and Wireless Lan Driver.

You can use 3DP NET without internet I swear! You just need to put both 3dp chip and 3dp net and you'll have no problem installing drivers on any computers!

I've used this one for so many years now so I'm pretty sure it will be useful for you too especially if you have a missing drivers on your computers right now or if you're a computer technician who reformat alot of computers every time :)

This is the site :

3dp chip =

3dp net =
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