You are unable to use this site as you are using an IP address that is blocked from our site. The most common cause is that you are using a proxing browser such as Opera Mini or UC Browser. These browsers send a request to a server that then sends a request to our server meaning you appear to come from a different location and are a server rather than a real person. You need to access our site directly through your internet connection and not through a VPN or Proxy and not through a browser that offers these services built in.

How to solve the issue?

Don't use a service that masks your real IP address. Our rules have been clear about this since we started the site. Don't use a service that proxies your data through a webserver such as Opera Mini or UC browser or if possible disable that feature. It will usualy be listed as "Data Saver" or something along those lines. We can not make any exceptions to this rule. Moving to a browser that doesn't proxy requests or disable the proxying feature will allow you to login and use this site. When you have disabled the proxying feature, ensure you visit our homepage and then try and login again. Refreshing this page will continue to show this informational message.

Opera Mini On Wikipedia

Read about Opera Mini on Wikipedia here

"Opera Mini requests web pages through Opera Software's compression proxy server. The compression server processes and compresses requested web pages before sending them to the mobile phone."

UC Browser On Wikipedia

Read about UC Browser on Wikipedia here

"The browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology. UC Browser's servers act as a proxy which compresses and renders the data of web pages before sending it to users."

Contact us

If you need to contact us, you can send an email to but please note that we can not make any exceptions against this rule. We can only guide and offer advice on ways to access the site not through a browser that proxies content through servers.

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