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Self improvement article Car trip tips for parents

Postby ivyparkgirl » 10 Jan 2017, 17:51

When parents are taking long car trips with kids and they are in the car all day long on vacation or several hours, parents need tips for activities to keep kids entertained and vacation ideas.Kids can get really crabby in the car if they are toddlers.I have a nephew that has been in the car for 5 hours from Geismer Louisiana to Orange Beach Alabama.One thing that keeps my 2 year old nephew busy on the long car trips is part of the way he naps in his car seat.He also stops and eats lunch with his mother and grandma.Garrett's grandma and mother let him walk or crawl around when stopping for lunch.My two year old nephew is entertained in the car because my brother's car has a dvd player and my nephew watches Tech the tractor from baby first network in the backseat of the car.

Another vacation tip that I have read about is getting a glass ornament ball.Put your vacation memories inside the ornament.What a festive way to ring in the christmas holidays by having memories of your summer vacation hanging on your christmas tree. I really thought that was a cute and very creative idea.I have never heard of that idea before today.I would imagine that older kids and toddlers would love that idea a lot.

It is a good idea to give kids a cookie sheet while traveling on long car trips that are like 4-5 hours long.The toddler or older child can hold the cookie sheet on his or her lap while sitting in the car seat.The cookie sheet works good as a snack tray but it is also good for art and coloring while traveling in the car.I think it is a very creative way to entertain small children and older children while on long car trips.A chalk board would also work as an activity tray for toddlers on long car trips.

Another creative and good idea thought up by a good and creative mother is to have a trip jar and fill the trip jar with toys and treats for the child.Some mom's put candy inside a trip jar although kids should not have to much candy to eat because candy has no nutritional value.

Traveling with kids can be a real nightmare for parents and I have seen the situation on television shows.When I was watching the UP network reality television series Growing up Mcghee, I kept hearing the Mcghee sextuplets saying are we there yet over and over again.The Mcghee were African American sextuplets were 5 years old in the first season but in the season finale they turned 6 and had the 6 year old birthday party on the show.The second season is starting on UP network in January 2017.This is the second reality television show starring the Mcghee family.I want to thank all the wonderful members of the forum coin community for viewing this post and all my other posts and posting replies to any posts that I make.
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