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Mind Exercise for Small Business Owners

Postby TeacherAngel » 07 Jan 2017, 11:10

Workout for improvement should not be always about the body. In case of small business owners, aside from their physical strength, they also need to practice their mind. A clearer mind will be able to focus better and to come up with a lot of great ideas for his or her small business. Min exercises or brain gyms are interesting and fun ways to develop a small business owner’s mind.

Stimulation and Training
There is a big difference when it comes to stimulation and training. Stimulation is what most people do through answering crossword puzzles. This is executed merely to illicit response about things that are already stored inside the small business owner’s brain. Although the brain is stimulated to function above normal circumstances, it is limited to improving one’s vocabulary. In training, there are games and underlying principles formulated by experts. There is an increase of difficulties and mental faculties to be used. As a result, the brain gets to explore in different fields of expertise. Each part of the brain training has specific goals which are also formulated by experts to provide total brain development. A trained brain can make smart decisions quickly and come up with brilliant ideas.

Consistency over Quantity

Small business owners do not spend hours on brain training. It will be better if they would do it regularly in short periods of time instead of doing it about once or twice a week and just make up for the lost time. Brain exercise can be done for just about thirty minutes or so. Short breaks are perfect opportunities for these mind exercises. This may also be done on times when the office phone such as PhoneCentral virtual PBX is not busy. Some small business owners do it on the remaining time of their lunch break after they had their meal. Aside from being beneficial for the brain, it is also a productive way of relaxing and refreshing the mind.

Seek and you shall find

It is important to make sure that the brain gym that the small business owner is making is authentic. It should be formulated by the experts. It will be best to check for studies and evidences that the developers present, if there is any. These can be cross-checked with the authorities. Small business owners should do this before spending some money over these brain gyms. They should also make sure that the one that they are using develops their specific brain function targets.


There are some brain gyms that outshine the rest. It all depends on the target scopes and the variety of games and activities.

• Luminosity. offers training for different mental functions that are beneficial for small business owners. It includes training for speed which will allow small business owners to make emergency or quick decisions efficiently. It also trains for memory which may be associated for name and face association. This is essential when dealing with regular customers. Attention which is another target allows for better focus. Flexibility is also trained and this helps small business owners perform a variety of tasks. It also trains for problem-solving skills which is definitely one, if not the most used thinking skill of small business owners. Membership starts from $15 per month.
• Cogmed. Cogmed creates tailor-fit activities for each member. These are formulated by experts and are mostly aimed to develop attention. This will help small business owners learn to have better focus and be more organized. Fees also vary from one person to another.
• Posistscience. offers training for all mental skills plus people skills and intelligence. People skills are always important for small business owners and this is useful for dealing with customers and employees. Membership starts at $14 per month.
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Re: Mind Exercise for Small Business Owners

Postby skysnap » 10 Jan 2017, 08:15

I tried Luminosity. It is one of the good apps to keep your mind sharp. Also good for people of any age. Kids may find it difficult.
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