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Platforms for Selling Digital Goods Online

Postby skysnap » 07 Jan 2017, 06:55

Selling digital products online can increase your chances of making money passively. There are plenty of ways you can sell products online and make money. You can earn some serious money based on the amount of products that you sell. However it all starts with you selling something in the market. You have following options whe it comes to selling products online.


This has to be one of the good sites that offers you some serious platform for online sales. You can make some serious money while selling product online. It does take some money out of your sales. But that is around 10% of each sale. And you get paid every month in paypal. So your focus remains only on bringing more traffic to your product. If you are interested in selling ebook, audio files and other digital products, then this is the site to look forward to. It is also open for worldwide users.


Another website that allows membership site creation along with product sales system. This site takes the content from the user and allows them to host it on their site. It has it's monthly plans for the fees. But apart from that there are no fees. And your earned money goes directly into your bank. You do need stripe as payment system for bank payments. And they also have the option for the paypal payments. There are some people who are using paypal in their system.


If you wish to sell ebooks, audio files and documents, then ejunkie is another site to check out. For 5$ you get content to host on the site. And your content is easily accessible. You just have to focus on bringing traffic to the landing page. This way your client just pays through e-junkie and gets the product in their email. And after getting paid your money is getting into paypal. There are also payment processor such as clickbank, 2checkout that you can add to e-junkie.


This is more of a payment gateway. It enables the payment delivery solution on your shop or the website. You can add in products to it. And then make a form which you can use. And this way if you sign up to the service. You are likely to get paid through bank, paypal, and other systems that you have integrated. It has it's some fees depending on the transaction. But that is reasonable way to get charged. And getting paid automated can make things easier for you.


Not really impressive option. But this can be a good alternative for ejunkie and gumroad. The reason being the payment system is simple. And it charges only for the transaction. So it can be good for those who wish to make money through digital products. Simple pricing and also easy delivery. I have found that system such as this can make things easier for anyone to get paid. So I would say give this one a try if you want simplicity in setting up funnel.

There are many other ways with which you can sell the digital products online. The above mentioned payment processor can be really helpful for getting paid. Keep diversifying and don't invest on single site and make sure you have multiple options for selling the digital products online.
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