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Record High Quality Voice Without Microphone

Postby Currensy » 06 Jan 2017, 14:35

Sometimes Sound recording processing just stuck for Microphone.To get rid of this problem I am telling you a solution to fix this problem without a expensive microphone.So,Don't want to tell you in describe what will you get.I think you know better than me.

What Will Be Needed?

-An Android Phone
-Wo mic PC and android Download
-Virtual router Manager Download
-Zd soft Screen Recorder

STEP 1 - Install Virtual Roter Manager in You PC and create a connection like the screenshot below:

STEP 2 - Now Connect to Your created network via your Android Phone.You can easily do that from wifi setting on android.If your device is not connecting then try again by restarting these software.USUALLY NOT HAPPENS!

STEP 3 - Install Wo Mic Android in Your Android and Click On the corner Option.Check the screenshot below:

STEP 4 - Now Go To Setting


STEP 5 - You need to set up your id same in android and in PC both.If Your android IP is then Your PC ip should be too.Check the screenshots below to check how I am maintaining the IP Process.Then Click Start Button to start.


STEP 6 - Download zd soft screen recorder and install on your PC then setting as below.

By this way you can record clean voice perfectly.I am doing this trick.Hope you won't be disappointed with this trick.If you face any kind problem then message me ,I will try to assist you as fast as possible
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