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Re: Ask MeowsePad

Postby makeinst » 29 Sep 2016, 15:50

What`s your favorite book you are read ?
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Re: Ask MeowsePad

Postby grecy0905 » 29 Sep 2016, 16:05

What is the advantage of being a moderator of a forum?
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Re: Ask MeowsePad

Postby ceci » 04 Oct 2016, 08:25

Did you meet Fergal and CyberFreak for an interview for to be hired as the moderator?
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Re: Ask MeowsePad

Postby MeowsePad » 19 Oct 2016, 01:27

skysnap wrote:1. Do you run any project online (like blog or forum) through which you're either earning or planning to monetize?

Not at the moment. :O
skysnap wrote:2. How do you handle internet drama on forums as moderator or off-internet drama or stressful situations as regular person?

I don't know. I'm not really very good at managing my stress.
skysnap wrote:3. Are you a student or working?

Both. O_O

Fergal wrote:How is Obonsville going for you now? Do you plan to continue working on it long term?

It's on the slow side. I'm going to keep it up for a while and see how it goes.

IcyFirefly wrote:As a moderator, how many hours do you spend on monitoring the forum? And when you see someone is out of line, or bullying another member, do you handle it or you report it to Fergal?

I try to get on ForumCoin a few times per day whenever possible. :) I handle most things directly, but I do occasionally post tricky situations in our forum for moderators.

sprite1950 wrote:Are you a confident person?

Not at all. D:

Scouten wrote:What is the best feature (in your opinion) on ForumCoin?

It's not exactly a feature, but I think that the best thing about ForumCoin is the community. :)

suny wrote:@MeowsePad I was just wondering why do you donate FC when a member gets 50 reputation points or do you have a plan to reward more if a member reaches say 500 or 1000 reputation points?

I think that's something that Fergal does. I'm not sure how it works. :O

Decentlady wrote:Hi, who is your inspiration?

My mother. :D She's hard-working, honest, and friendly. I want to be like her.

Lexi wrote:Do you love or loathe social media, and which is your favorite platform?

I tolerate social media because you don't really have a choice. XD I guess the one that I use the most is Facebook.

skysnap wrote:A one more question from my side for the obonsville forums, do you plan on monetizing obonsville?

I do have AdSense on Obonsville, but I don't really plan to monetize it beyond that.

IcyFirefly wrote:1) What do you like to use: mouse or touch pad?

Mouse! I struggle to use the touchpad.

IcyFirefly wrote:2) How did you come about your user's name?

My cat likes to sleep on my mousepad. I mentioned it to my friend, and he helped me come up with MeowsePad. :)

Angie10 wrote:I've always thought your name was cute and creative, and your avatar cute. In my head, I see you as this cute, petite lady....but in reality, how tall are you?

I'm around six feet tall. I wish I were cute and petite. :( I do appreciate that you pictured me that way!

makeinst wrote:What`s your favorite book you are read ?

I have many favorite books. Right now, Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell comes to mind. :)

grecy0905 wrote:What is the advantage of being a moderator of a forum?

It's nice to be able to help the people of the community. :)

ceci wrote:Did you meet Fergal and CyberFreak for an interview for to be hired as the moderator?

Nope. I met Fergal and CyberFreak on another forum in the past. I have probably known them longer than anyone else here!
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Re: Ask MeowsePad

Postby TeacherAngel » 29 Dec 2016, 13:10

What is the cutest animal for you?
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Re: Ask MeowsePad

Postby ivyparkgirl » 11 Jan 2017, 23:05

Are you a cat fan?Your username reminds me of cats.
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